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for w/e 9 December 2000 - issue no.206

Issue 206 presents a number of changes on the dance chart sample. CINís British Dance Singles chart from a small store sample is replaced by CINís 12Ē Vinyl Singles chart from the full UK chart sample. The German DJ-Playlist joins the DDC chart as a deejay component for Germany. Chart-Track Irelandís Dance Singles chart is also new as a dancestores data supplier, while thereís still no club chart in the Republic of Ireland. And, Discopress Oy, an organisation from Finland, that publishes itís dance chart for some 20 years, joins the panel as an additional data source from Finland. More details on a separate info.

While it could be expected that changes on the chart sample in four countries will result in an extremely weak chart issue with lots of new/re-entries, the entire top 6 ranks remain unchanged and the chart welcomes 24 entries (instead of 21 entries if there hadnít been a change in sample). Daft Punkís One More Time ( Labels-Virgin) serves as Europeís biggest floorburner for the second straight week. The trackís overall support increase is 23% compared to last issue. To give you an example, how the chart changes influenced charted tracks: Without that change, One More Time had seen a 17% overall increase. Although the French tune holds the no.1 rank on the separate dancestores-only list (+31%) and reached a support level at dance retail unseen before in the 206 week history of this chart, it still holds at 2 on the deejay-only channel despite a 20% increase there.

Europeís #2 dance tune overall and a former long-serving no.1, ModjoĎs Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Sound Of Barclay) still holds that clubplay-only no.1 rank with a support lead of nearly 7%. However, itís now only #8 on the dancestores-list, so a return to no.1 is more than unlikely.

Paul van DykĎs We Are Alive (Vandit) return to the top 10 by jumping Euro 13-8 due to debuts on the sales-based component charts from Britain & Ireland. Alive previously peaked at Euro 6, but still has room for future growth in Scandinavia, Benelux, France & Italy. MolokoĎs Indigo (Echo) is the only true new track in the top 10 and rockets Euro 24-9. The track has itís biggest strength on the club charts in native Britain as well as in Germany, while dancestore-chart debuts in Germany and Belgium support the trackís performance. It also debuted on the clubplay-based Norwegian Dance Chart.

One big climber among the top 40 ranks is Artful Dodger feat. Lifford Ďs Please Donít Turn Me On (ffrr), which flies from Euro 30 to 17 (30-18 without a change in chart sample). Naturally for this type of dance genre, it enjoys itís biggest support in Britain, where it jumped 10-3 on the local club chart and makes itís debut on the dancestores list in Ireland. Nevertheless, the track managed to also debut on the club chart in Sweden (#36) and on the big sample based German-DJ-Playlist chart (a #113 debut there), while itís just outside the published top 60 of the DDC chart in Germany (#3 bullet) and is expected to debut inside the latter chartís top 30 next issue.

Also on a big move is the Alex Christensen-produced My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dam Dam Dam) by German-based foursome ATC (Kingsize) when it rocketed Euro 38-19. Neglected by dance music purists, the track works in a number of territories. One might expect the move is strongly based on the chart sample changes, but like other example before, on an unchanged sample My Heart had progressed Euro 38-23. The whole Scandinavian region (with debuts in Sweden, Norway and Finland) as well as Italy report a club chart debut for the track this week.

Corresponding regional no.1ís: [Artist Track ( Label)], (cp) = clubplay, (s) = dance sales
UK: 1(9) Sonique I Put A Spell On You (Serious) (cp), 1(-) Public Domain Operation Blade (Xtravaganza) (s)
Ireland: 1(-) Ballon Monstersound ( Clubbing Boots) (s); Austria (*): 1(1) Modjo Lady (Universal) (cp)
Germany: 1(1) Daft Punk One More Tome (Virgin) (DDC-cp/DDC-s), 1(1) Modjo Lady (Urban) (GDP-cp)
The Netherlands: 1(2) Svenson/Gielen Beauty Of Silence (ID&T) (cp), 1(1) Svenson/Gielen Beauty... (ID&T) (s)
France: 1 (5) Fraud Squad Together (1nca) (cp), 1 (3) Daft Punk One More Tome (Labels) (s)
Belgium: 1(3) Yves Deruyter Back To Earth (Bonzai) (cp), 1(1) Daft Punk One More Tome (Virgin) (s)
Italy: 1(1) Naive Lookiní For Happiness (V2) (cp), 1(1) Modjo Lady (Universal-DIY) (s)
Denmark: 1(1) Safri Duo Played-A-Live (Bongo Song) (Universal) (cp)
Sweden: 1(4) Daft Punk One More Tome (Virgin ) (cp); Norway: 1(3) House Of Glass Disco Down (Arcade) (cp)
Finland: 1(1) Modjo Lady (Universal) (DJ-Prom./cp); 1(3) Mel. C I Turn To You (Virgin) (Discopress/cp)
Spain (*): 1(1) Blank & Jones DJ Culture (import/Gang Go) (cp)
Hungary:1(1) Green Court Shining (import/Logport) (cp)
Portugal (*): 1(1) Modjo Lady ( Universal) (cp); Czech Republic: 1(1) Modjo Lady (Universal) (cp+s)
Poland: 1(1) Darude Feel The Beat (Magic) (cp), 1(1) Modjo Lady (Universal-DIY) (cp/s)
(*): denotes ďfrozenĒ chart = non-weekly

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