European Urban/Black Dancefloor Chart
Compilation methodology, sample chart issue.


European Dance Traxx
Compilation methodology, sample chart issue.


more dance charts
Other types of chart segmentation availbale from m.i.s..


Details national chart ranks for hit tracks.

more dance charts

this includes summery charts based on the weekly dance chart

summery charts for specific time periods
m.i.s. can produce summery charts for any periods requested since January 1997. Regularly produced summery charts are year-to-date charts per end of each quarter (for example January - September) as well as summery charts for each individual quarter. Click here to view the top 40 ranks of the top 1000 tracks per January-September 2000.

artist-based charts
There are artist-based charts available for various categories for every possible time period similar to the above summery charts. Click here to view the top 40 ranks of the top 1000 artists of January-September 2000. Other charts include rankings for top male artists, top female artists, top DJ projects/duos/groups or top new artists

charts by country-of-signing
These charts are compiled from the regular summery charts and each chart only includes a ranking of the top tracks signed in a specific territory. It includes

- top UK-signed tracks
- top German-signed tracks
- top U.S.-signed tracks
- top Dutch-signed tracks
- top Italian-signed tracks
- top French-signed tracks
- top Belgian-signed tracks
- top other repertoire sources-signed tracks (in one chart)

export chart
This chart measures the crossover impact of dance tracks for summery periods. Basically, itís the same chart as the standard summery chart, but excludes the chart points from the territory where each individual track is signed to. Therefore, the chart only includes every trackís impact from these territories it crossed borders to. Thatís why itís called export chart or crossover chart. It lists tracks with a truly international appeal. Record companies use it to instantly find out when a track finds success uproad. At this moment it can be hot property for signings in other countries.

how to order
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